Shiplab for Providers

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Shiplab provides fully managed, high scale and reliable carrier billing data pipelines to various provider product solutions, automatically.


Improve Carrier billing data velocity


Freight Pay

Improve Carrier billing data reliability


Spend Management

Improve Carrier billing data accuracy


Financial Products

Improve Carrier billing data availibility

Shiplab auto-magically collects your cost data from your carriers, making it available 24/7 in a turnkey data lake for use within your existing tools.
Managed Billing Data Pipeline

Focus more on your customer solutions and less on chasing carrier data.

Carriers are constantly changing – putting companies that rely on their data at significant risk day to day. Shiplab ensures your customer’s carrier invoice data is flowing into your solutions so your team can focus on improving customer features.
Shiplab’s connector network is designed for scale and rapid response to unexpected carrier changes.
Shiplab’s enterprise transformation engine can prepare data per specifications.
Shiplab offers flexible ways for your company to connect and consume your data.

Let's connect.

Let Shiplab supercharge your Ship-Tech solutions.

We were spending dozens of hours each week between our customer success and development teams tracking down missing invoice data.  We didn’t realize just how much resources were wasted on this until Shiplab.

  • Optimization Provider
  • Product Lead

Our business was founded in freight, and offering parcel services was the next logical step.  We quickly realized the same mindset didn’t apply.  Shiplab provides us our customer’s parcel invoice data turn-key and without ongoing maintenance.

  • Freight Pay Provider
  • CTO