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Powertools for Powershippers

Shiplab provides fully managed, high scale and reliable carrier shipment data pipelines to feed enterprise reporting stacks.

Automated Retrieval

We retrieve your carrier billing data


Single Source of Truth

We organize and store your data


Transformation Services

Prescribe transformations on your data


Business Intelligence

Access with common BI Tools

Managed Parcel Data Pipeline

Integrate your parcel shipping data into your reporting stack.

Automate retrieval of data from all your parcel and regional carriers.  Choose the frequency and refresh window for retrieving your shipment data into an always up to date Amazon S3 data lake.  Retrieve/sync your billing data into any of your tools and applications, anytime.


Eliminate time intensive and error prone manual data aggregation and create a sustainable reporting stack.

Shiplab’s connector network is designed for scale and rapid response to unexpected carrier changes.
Shiplab’s enterprise transformation engine can prepare data per specifications.
Shiplab creates an always up to date, always available data lake of spend data for your teams.
Single Source of Truth

A parcel spend data lake that you control.

  • Collect Billing Data Automatically
  • Eliminate Manual Processes
  • Major Carrier/Regional Support

No vendor lock.

Deliver data to any destination

Shiplab automatically collects your parcel shipment and cost data from all major parcel and regional carriers, ready for the tools you use today and in the future.


♦ Shiplab connectors are faster and more cost-effective than manual data aggregation
♦ Our no-code automated data pipeline is fully managed by a team of parcel data experts
♦ Data is collected on the schedule you define based on your unique business requirements
♦ Your data is your data, access from your Shiplab Data Lake or sync it to your data warehouses

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Integrate shipping data into your reporting stack today.