Data orchestration for your parcel and regional carrier data, automatically retrieved and always accessible. Let's Go! They deliver the boxes.
We deliver the data.
A single source of truth for your shipping cost data, automatically retrieved and always accessible. Let's Go! Carrier Data Pipelines Designed for Modern Data Teams Billing data from all your carriers automatically collected - all in one place. Always available. Let's Go! One Connection,
all Parcel Carriers.
All of your parcel carrier billing data, in one place, automatically collected. Always available. Let's Go! Automate your parcel billing data
Shiplab seamlessly connects to your carriers, automatically aggregating all billing data.
Securely store all of your carrier spend data in your always current, always available data lake.
Access billing data with your own tools, applications, or push it it directly to your data warehouse.

Create a unified carrier data repository.

Shiplab seamlessly gathers primary data directly from your carriers, ensuring you’re equipped for today’s projects and tomorrow’s challenges.
Designed for Modern Data Teams

Shiplab Data Lake

Retrieving, organizing, and archiving logistics billing data is manual, time consuming, and error-prone.

Shiplab efficiently gathers cost and shipment data from your carriers, providing 24/7 access in a ready-to-use data lake compatible with your existing tools.

Your wins are our wins.

More than just easy data,
we're your strategic partner.

Shiplab’s parcel data experts have worked with >$100 billion of logistics spend data – processing, analyzing, developing products, and guiding 1,000’s of brands and software providers.
  • Extension of Your Team
  • Fanatical Customer Service
  • Deep Carrier Data Expertise

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Create an automated billing data pipeline in minutes.